Meet the Intern: Nicole

Our “Meet the Intern” series is back and featuring Nicole Keratsopoulos! Nicole is the Events and Servicing Intern here at the Bryan College Station Convention and Visitors Bureau. Read below to learn about her Disney themed home and which Netflix show character she would be for a day!

The day Nicole got her Fightin’ Texas Aggie Ring!

-Where are you from and what is your hometown known for?

I’m from Cameron, Texas and we are best known for our high school football team. We even had a feature on the NFL Network on Super Bowl Live about our town and our football team.

-What is the most interesting thing about yourself?

The most interesting thing about myself is that I have to been to Disney World/Disneyland at least 20 times. My family goes there every year and our house is even Disney themed!

-If you could travel to any place in the world where would it be and why?

I have been to Greece before and I would love to go back. As you can probably tell from my name, my family is Greek so I would love to get to experience the culture again and learn more about where my family is from.

-What is a memory you have of Texas A&M that makes you laugh the hardest?

In high school I made straight A’s, so naturally I thought that I would be able to do the same in college. I remember getting my grades back after the first round of tests my first semester and having a meltdown over my grades. I called my mom crying because I thought it was the end of the world. As a senior, I’m glad that I can look back on that time and laugh because while grades are important, they don’t define who you are and they definitely shouldn’t be something to cry over.

Nicole with her mom’s side of the family at Christmas. There are currently 29 members of the family and they will have 30 in May!

-If you could trade lives with one celebrity for a day, who would it be and what would you do?

I think I would trade lives with Khloe Kardashian. I would love to get my hair, makeup, and nails done by her glam squad and dressed by her stylist. While the Kardashians may not have the best reputation, it would definitely be fun to get to live in their shoes for at least a day.

-What do you want to do/be after you graduate?

I hope to find a job in the event planning industry. I would love to plan events and weddings.

-If you could only eat at one place in Bryan College Station for the rest of your life, what restaurant would it be and what would you order?

It would definitely be Fuego. I get a Southern Comfort with no onions and a large Dr. Pepper. I would eat that every day if I could…

-If you had to pick a song that described you best, what song would it be?

I wasn’t sure about this one, so I took a quiz and it said “How to Save a Life” by The Fray. I’m not sure if this is fitting though because every time I hear this song now, I tend to cry. Thanks for scarring me for life, Grey’s Anatomy…

Nicole with her boyfriend Collin, and their pup, Chloe.

-If you woke up in your favorite Netflix shows world, what episode would it be and which character are you?

I would want to be Olivia Pope from Scandal, no questions asked. She is such a girl boss. I don’t have a specific episode in mind because she is seriously amazing in all of them. She’s a fixer, she fixes things.

-If you could have any superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it?

Mind reading. I always wonder what people are thinking, so that makes the most sense.

-You just won the Powerball! What is the first thing you buy with your $245 million?

I would buy homes for myself, my parents, and grandparents. Then I would buy 10 more dogs.

-What quote best describes how your week is going so far?

Just keep swimming…With tests, quizzes, and papers due, I’m extremely overwhelmed. But I just have to remember to keep pushing because in 3 months I will be graduating from the best university in the world! Whoop!


That’s a wrap of our new interns for the spring! Stay tuned for more fun posts as we finish out the semester and more interns in the summer.

Three reasons why flying Easterwood may be the best thing you do for yourself

For the first blog in our brand new “Guest Blog Series,” Jeffrey Shaw the Communications Manager at Easterwood Airport, tells us about the exciting changes happening at Easterwood! 


If you’ve resided in the Brazos Valley area for a few years, you have probably noticed the influx of families moving to the Bryan/College Station area.   Economic growth and expansion is on the rise and new communities are popping up left and right in areas that were once vacant.   According to the U.S. Census Bureau for 2016, College Station is the 18th fastest growing city in America. That is big news for our community, and with the increase comes growth for local businesses, School Districts, and many more. It’s an exciting time for many and expansion is on the horizon for organizations everywhere in the area…including Easterwood Airport.

Easterwood Airport, a regional airport owned by Texas A&M and managed by Easterwood Airport Management, LLC since 2014 has been undergoing a few changes of its own. Some of those changes might be small, while others will make a significant impact on value and convenience to the public. The changes are necessary to keep up with the growth of the city, and while some may have noticed, a rebrand of the airport is on the way as well. With a new clean, modern, and minimalist Logo and Website (launched last month) that represents the heart of Aggieland and vision for growth, momentum has begun to shift focus on the future and the potential Easterwood has to connect every person in the world to the home of the 12th Man.

A look at the new TSA Checkpoint.

If you have never heard of Easterwood Airport or never flown out of it, you might be asking yourself, “What can Easterwood offer me?” Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve written a list of three reasons why flying Easterwood and what it as an airport can offer a busy person such as yourself. So without further A due, let’s get to it.

  1. A Gateway to the World in your own back yard.

Many may not be aware, but Easterwood Airport – using United and American Airlines – is just one stop away from more than 320 non-stop destinations. Planning a trip out of the country or state either for business or leisure? Need to fly to College Station for a football game? Easterwood has you covered. Using our new website, you can view our arrival and departure times as well as links to United and American Airlines to book a flight and begin your next journey.

Thanks to passenger feedback, the cafe will be relocated to the holding area, where you can eat and wait for your flight at the same time.
  1. Travel Smart. Save Time and Money.

Easterwood prides itself on convenience and ease of use for the passenger.   Prices are kept low and more accessible vs. traveling and flying out of a commercial airport directly in surrounding cities. Here are some thoughts for you to consider before booking your next trip.

Parking – Our rates are lower than most commercial airports. Our daily prices start at $7 a day and weekly at $35.   We also offer six month and annual passes for those that travel more frequently. Not only do we offer low parking rates, but our parking area is monitored by security personnel 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Now that is a tough deal to beat.

Security Check – Unlike larger airports where you may find yourself standing in line for security for up to 45 minutes, at Easterwood, average time to be checked in is ten minutes. That’s nearly a 20%+ reduction rate in time spent at security so you can do more of what you love instead of waiting in long lines. In addition, wherever you’re connecting flight is; you no longer have to go through another security checkpoint. It’s a win/win for you.

The Cost – Using our cost calculator tool, you now have the ability to visually see what your savings really are by flying out of Easterwood vs. using a larger commercial entity. It’s a unique and proprietary tool specifically designed to inform what your cost is flying out of your own back yard.

A glimpse of the new holding area after renovations are completed.
  1. We Are People Connecting People.

Whether talking to a café representative, an airline or car rental representative, or even security we are here to serve you and your best interest. We want to connect with you on a personal level. We challenge ourselves everyday to enhance your experience so that you can acquire what you need, to go where you need faster and with less effort.   Every interaction between you and airport representatives matters and we take it seriously.


College Station is growing and at a much faster pace than ever before. So, the next time you are planning your trip, whether out of the country or out of state, and you’re looking for ways to cut down on cost and time, consider flying Easterwood. It may just be the convenience you’ve been looking for.

Written by: Jeffrey Shaw

The Perfect New Years Resolution-Travel More!

With the New Year approaching quickly, you might be thinking about that dreaded list of resolutions you need to make for 2017. Maybe you want to try more local eats, or work out four times a week. Maybe you even want to “treat-yo-self” every first Friday of the month and buy yourself something special, or educate yourself and your family. Luckily, Bryan College Station is the PERFECT place for you to exercise the resolution that encompasses all of these things, which is traveling more!

           Eat Local – Whether it’s the best taco you could ever imagine, or fried chicken that makes your mouth water thinking about it, Bryan College Station has DOZENS of local restaurants for you to choose from. From fine dining, to wonderful hole in the wall spots, BCS has a place to feed all appetites. Not to mention almost all of our local restaurants buy their produce and products locally, which is a huge plus! Be sure to check out our list of restaurants in the area and find the perfect spot for you and your friends to try out next.

Brisket from Fargo’s Pit BBQ in Downtown Bryan

         Get Outside – We all know how packed the gyms get when the New Year rolls around. Why not skip the people in line for the treadmill, to get moving outside? Bryan College Station has so many opportunities for people to get out and get active. From taking a stroll around Lake Bryan, to jogging around Research Park and finishing with a lap around the George Bush Library Pond, be creative and grab your friends and family to join in on the adventure. Check out our list of parks to plan your next “after work stroll” and a place to host a picnic for your next free weekend!

Lick Creek Park Trail in College Station

            Shop Local & Support Small Business – From trying to find the perfect gift for your mother-in-law, to having the worst week ever and wanting to buy those pair of earrings you saw through a window, Bryan College Station is known for having unique gifts and items you cannot find anywhere else! One of the best times to go shopping is during First Friday in Historic Downtown Bryan. Vendors and local shops galore are open until late in the evening with handcrafted items for you to choose from. Trying to find a painting to hang in your living room that no one else will have? Or a necklace that was glass blown just for you? Here is a list of all of out wonderful places to shop in BCS.

Old Bryan Marketplace in Downtown Bryan

            Embrace the Rich History – A lot of times in our busy lives, we forget to take a step back and look at the culture and people that surround us. Bryan College Station has a rich history and several places for the entire family to have fun while learning in 2017. For example, the Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History, the Brazos Valley African American Museum, The Children’s Museum of the Brazos Valley, the George Bush Library, and the Carnegie History Center are all wonderful spots to learn and have a great time too. Here’s our list of all of the galleries and museums for you to visit this year!

Carnegie Public Library in Downtown Bryan

On New Years Eve when you start to sweat thinking about the list of resolutions you need to make for 2017, think back on the one thing that includes every resolution you could think of, travel more! Better food that’s healthy, ways to get outside and moving, treating yourself with a shopping spree every once in a while, and getting educated on the world that surrounds you. Thankfully, Bryan College Station has all of these things and more.  We hope you’ll experience BCS for yourself in 2017!

Happy New Year!
-The Bryan College Station Convention & Visitors Bureau

Best Chips and Salsa in Bryan College Station

One of the best parts (if not the best part) about eating at a Mexican restaurant in Bryan College Station is the chips and salsa before your meal. With hundreds of restaurants in BCS, we set out to find the BEST chips and salsa in the area.

After narrowing it down to only local restaurants, we sent a survey out to our staff asking everyone to reply with their top three favorite restaurants in BCS with the best chips and salsa. Once collecting the responses and tallying up the results, we ended up with a total of nine restaurants to try out. Over the span of a week, we tried the nine combinations.

To ensure the judges didn’t know where the salsas were from, no logos were visible on the bags of chips or on the salsa containers. The judges – which had to be a minimum of 8 people per sample (generally between 8 and 12 judges) – were given a universal score sheet used for every salsa sampled. The scoring sheet consisted of six, 5-point Likert scale questions, ranging from strongly agree on one end of the spectrum, to strongly disagree on the other end. First, we asked judges to rank the color, spiciness, thickness and freshness of the salsa. Lastly, we asked the judges to rank how well the salsa went with the partnered chip from the restaurant, as well as the overall taste of the salsa.

After all of the salsa’s had been sampled and ranked, we tallied up the scores from the scoring sheets. It was decided from there that the top three winners in no particular order were:

Casa Rodriguez


Jesse’s Taqueria and Bakery


Mad Taco


We then traveled to these restaurants to interview the owners and managers about what makes their salsa so great! Check out the video below to hear what they had to say and behind the scenes footage of them making their salsa. Next time you’re in BCS, swing by one of these awesome salsa spots or check out some of our other restaurants in the area.

I’m just here to taco bout salsa,


Turkey Day Under the Tailgate Tent

What goes better together than Thanksgiving and football? With everything from the traditional to the newest and most innovative Pinterest recipes, we have your Thanksgiving tailgating menu covered for you. Get ready to relax, watch some football and stuff your bellies with some delicious Thanksgiving dishes.

The Main Entrées
Turkey is the main staple for most, but when you are tailgating it is a little hard to think about spending four to six hours grilling, roasting or smoking turkey. This Thanksgiving, get ready to blow your tailgate crowd out of the water with your newest recipes.



Pulled Turkey Sliders
Easy to cook and even easier to eat, these sliders will make you realize just how boring a plain old turkey can be sometimes. No knife and fork needed with these bad boys; just get ready to sink your teeth into something that will make you feel really grateful. See the Recipe


Smoked Turkey Legs
If you are still looking for a bit more traditional Thanksgiving entrée and do not mind a longer cook time, we have just the recipe for you. Smoked turkey legs are not only a staple at your local Ren Fest, but a perfect Thanksgiving dish that will not leave you hungry before heading off to the game. See the Recipe

Some Savory Sides
What would Thanksgiving be without the staple sides? Get ready for delicious side dishes sure to have you unbuttoning your jeans.


Bacon Wrapped Mashed Potato Bombs
Tailgating can be messy and finger foods are always easier on the cleanup crew. These mashed potatoes bombs will make clean up and eating delicious and easy. See the Recipe.



Cheesy Green Bean Casserole
Whether your grandmother or your mom makes it, you have to have Green Bean Casserole on Thanksgiving. Casseroles may not seem like the perfect tailgate food but they are probably the easiest to prepare, make and bring anywhere with you. See the Recipe.



Mac & Cheese Bites
Who could possibly have a Thanksgiving dinner without macaroni and cheese? While the cheesy deliciousness of mac and cheese may seem like an easy dish to make for a tailgate, we just made it even more delicious and easy for you. See the Recipe.


Delectable Desserts
After all that turkey and possibly a little nap, you have to be ready for the best part of Thanksgiving; the desserts! Whether you are team pumpkin pie or pecan pie, we are ready to get rid of those cravings.


Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes
With a new spin on Pumpkin Pie, you won’t need forks and plates — just a sweet tooth and some room in your stomach. See the Recipe.

Drinks for the Adults
While the holidays can be a daunting and exhausting time for anyone, tailgating is supposed to be a fun time. One of the things that makes tailgating so much fun are the drinks!


Apple Pie Jell-O Shots
We looked high and low for the perfect drink to make your Thanksgiving tailgate the best one yet and these Apple Pie Jell-O Shots seem to be just the thing. Tiny but powerful, these Jell-O Shots are to be handled with care. A couple of these and the turkey will not be the only thing putting you to sleep. Remember to have a good time but also to drink responsibly. See the Recipe.


 Drinks for Everyone
With our last and final recipe, we wanted to leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth about Thanksgiving tailgating. This drink is sure to leave you satisfied and go great with any one of the dishes we recommend.


Cranberry Citrus Punch
Sweet and a little sour, this Cranberry Citrus punch will make a perfect drink for any of your dishes and sides. See the Recipe.

Some of these awesome dishes will have your tailgate the best there is. Your crew will be ready to watch the Aggies #BTHOLSU and maybe even a little nap after wards. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and so is the LSU game so get ready!

Feeling Like A Visitor: Aggieland War Games

A better name for this blog might be “Feeling Like A Kid Again”, because I haven’t played laser tag since I was a teenager.

But a couple of weeks ago, I found myself suiting up (which consisted of three red buzzers Velcro-ed to a headband that was attached to my gun) at Aggieland War Games after a long day of meetings to pit coworker against coworker. We had a group of 12 that split nicely into two teams. It was a good size for the facility and gave us a lot of room to sneak around without being on top of each other, but we probably could have gone up by a few people and still been able to find our own hiding places.

I think I was never super enthusiastic about laser tag because I didn’t find much joy in arbitrarily shooting my friends, but this was different. This was tactical laser tag. There was a mission. A purpose.

Yes, there was a warm-up where you just tried to shoot people on the other team, and the last exercise was a “last-man-standing” exercise (that I definitely didn’t win), but most of the hour was filled with a variety of missions that required strategy and teamwork.

During one mission, the teams had to locate a briefcase with a “bomb” inside. The team that ended up with the bomb on their side of the course lost. I have to say, I did pretty great on this one. The other team found the briefcase first, but I found the person carrying it, eliminated them, stole the briefcase and got it to a team member who then hid with it until time almost ran out.

There were other team challenges such as guarding a target on your team’s side of the playing field, while trying to shoot the other team’s target, and keeping a touchpad lit up with your team’s color the longest. The staff was great about explaining all of the rules, and keeping the games light and fun.

As an added bonus, it’s a pretty good workout. One of the staff members said people average over 4,000 steps in an hourlong session. On that note, my coworkers have a tip for you: Pencil in time after the games for a shower.

If you want to give it a shot yourself, Aggieland War Games is open Wednesday through Sunday for open play. Check their website for hours. They do take walk-ins, but if you have a larger group, it’s probably best to call and book ahead. Their phone number is 979-431-4327.

Happy tagging!

Get Out on Aggie Gameday!

Whether you forgot to get tickets or you are just not feeling going to a game on Saturday, the Bryan College Station area has so many options to pick from when it comes to some not-so-gameday activities. So let’s dive in and see what exactly you can explore, eat and see on a gameday weekend!

Football Friday

Explore Downtown Bryan

If you’re not from Bryan College Station, one of the first places you should stop by is Downtown Bryan. From unique shops to delicious local eateries, there is nothing you can’t find while exploring Downtown Bryan. Shops have everything from custom cowboy hats and glass-work to vintage clothing and furniture. Take a stroll and discover beautiful landmarks such as the Queen Theatre or go through the endless array of books Carnegie History Center and Public Library has to offer.

Swing by Downtown Bryan!
Location: 216 W 26th St, Bryan, TX 77803

Eat Local

With an assortment of small but amazing local restaurants in Downtown Bryan, you will be sure not to leave hungry. Looking for something savory to fill you up? Proudest Monkey is known for their incredible gourmet burgers and their milkshake martinis. How about a treat to end the night on a sweet note? The Chocolate Gallery has dozens of hand crafted chocolates, scrumptious cupcakes that will be sure to have your sweet tooth aching and homemade gelato. Whether you are a BCS resident or a wandering traveler who just happened to land in town, the eateries in Downtown Bryan will not let you down.

Want to visit where I went? Snag some local eats at The Village Café!
Hours: 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM
210 W 26th St, Bryan, TX 77803

Football Friday

The Friday before every home game, Downtown Bryan puts on a free show/concert at The Palace Theatre. Local artists bring their talent and soul to fill the outdoor space and the fact that it is free only makes the experience that much more fun.

Want to visit where I went? Dance it out at Football Friday at The Palace!
Hours: 7:30 PM – 11:30 PM
Location: 105 S Main St, Bryan, TX 77801

Aggie Gameday

Wake Up!

Even though the rest of Bryan College Station may be preparing for the game with some early tailgating, you might want to spend your Saturday morning a little differently. Instead, grab a cup of coffee from one of the amazing coffee shops here in the BCS area to wake you up and get you ready for a fun day of exploring. The vibe and even better coffee at Sweet Eugene’s will have you ready to conquer the day in no time, while Harvest has their own specialty, hand brews.

Want to visit where I went? Grab your java from Sweet Eugene’s.  
Hours: 6:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Location: 1702 George Bush Dr E, College Station, TX 77840

The Chicken 

Want to avoid all the game day craziness while still getting to watch the game and still get the Aggieland experience? The Chicken is not only the oldest bar in Bryan College Station, it is also a favorite Aggie spot. Relax and watch the Aggies play in Kyle Field while munching on some Tijuana fries and playing pool. The Chicken is known for their great selection of drinks at their bar but also their amazing food which means that when you catch the game there you won’t leave you starving and potentially sweaty.

Want to visit where I went? Check out The Dixie Chicken.
Hours: 10:00 AM – 2:00 AM
Location: 307 University Dr, College Station, TX 77801

The Gates of North  

After you have watched the Aggies beat whoever they played that week, take a stroll through Bottle Cap Alley and head through Northgate to see which pub may just be your new favorite hangout spot. With specialty drinks and half off shots on game days, Northgate is definitely the place to be after a long day of Aggie football. Hang out with your friends or make some new ones while celebrating a well-deserved victory.

Want to visit where I went? Enjoy a night out on Northgate!
Hours: 6:30 PM – 2:00 AM
Location: 329 University Dr. College Station, TX 77840

Sunday Fun-Day!

Bruncher’s Bliss

So you have had a long night of celebrating an Aggie win and now you are ready to relax and enjoy your Sunday. Start your Sunday off right with brunch at one of our amazing brunch spots in Bryan College Station. Taking the trip out to Hullaballoo Diner will ensure you some amazing food and great time. Hullaballoo not only has some amazing food, but is also one of Reveille’s favorite spots to hang out.

Want to visit where I went? Grub at Hullaballoo Diner!
Hours: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM (Saturdays), 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM (Sundays)
Location: 15045 FM 2154, College Station, TX 77845

Library or Museum?

When it comes to really cool attractions in the BCS area, The George Bush Presidential Museum is definitely one to see. Besides their incredible exhibits, the George Bush Library also has some gorgeous scenery. Take a stroll through the gardens or spend some time throwing out a fishing line in their catch and release pond. It is a wonderful place for family pictures or some quiet time by yourself.

Want to Visit where I went? I spent my day at The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum!
Hours: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
1000 George Bush Dr W, College Station, TX 77845

There are so many fun things to do in Bryan College Station on Aggie Gameday in addition to or besides going to the game! If you want to know more, tweet us @visitaggielandvisit our website or check us out on Facebook

Happy Gameday’ing!